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Finding God

Is Walmart a good place to meet God? What about a dive bar? The town dump? Does meeting God happen only in separate, “holy” places? The book of Acts says there is no place on earth without a witness to God’s love (Acts 14:16–17). God longs to meet us throughout our lives: at the bus stop, at a costume shop, even at a livestock auction. It’s time for expanded spirituality — one that is brave and fresh and all-encompassing.

In her debut book, Pastor Laura Heikes will help you find God in the gritty, mundane, and unexpected.

Meet Pastor Laura Heikes

Pastor Laura helps churches grow by reaching those who don’t know God yet. She has pastored churches in English and Spanish and currently serves along the Texas/Mexico border.

Videos & Resources

Take to Heart

What do you take to heart? What words, memories, emotions do you pull close and invite into that sacred, tender, heart-space?


Zaccheaus changes first, not in words or vows, but with his actions. Notice your actions today.


This Monday our Office Receptionist brought us donuts! What a treat! I was the first in the office, so I had the “pick of the litter.”

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