“Mom, I’ve heard this before. You read this part already.” Leah and I were in the car, listening to my daily reading from the Bible. I assured Leah that we hadn’t heard this part already, it was a different prophet. “No, Mom, I heard this exact thing last time.” Yes, she had. But it wasn’t because we were repeating chapters. God just warns people a lot about their sin and the consequences.

We were in the book of Zechariah. God’s people have returned from exile to rebuild Jerusalem, the capital city, but while they build their own homes, they ignore the rebuilding of God’s home, the Temple. Zechariah confronts the people on their lack of concern for God’s house and (amazingly!) they have a change of heart and get to work. Soon they have completed the foundation. Leah and I listened on and heard something that we hadn’t already listened to- a beautiful reminder to celebrate, even little victories.

God commends the completion of the foundation and calls for a celebration. We get this lovely insight: “Who despises the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). A foundation has been laid. That’s it. But to God, that’s worth joy. God’s people have turned from building their own homes to build God’s home. And the first step is finished!

Small things are a step along the way. And God is delighted by our small achievements. What a relief! Most of our days are “small” days and perhaps unremarkable. They move the needle, but only a little. You might have a day with all the regular meetings, tasks, and goals. Nothing special, nothing fun to look forward to, no big events. Just ordinary work.

God invites us to delight in the small things. After all, that’s what most of our days look like, small steps along the path that lead to something greater. May you celebrate the small things today and know that God is rejoicing with you!

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