Rest is not a suggestion.
Rest is a commandment.
Rest is the 4th commandment- a bridge between commandments about how to treat God and commandments on how to treat others. Rest spans the gap. Our rest honors God and the way God made us and we are to help others in our circle of influence find their rest and renewal.

God did not create us to go, go, go. He created us in his image. Which means we are meant to work and rest. God knew we might get carried away, so he laid out a life-sustaining pattern.
Built into every day,
Built into every week,
A space of rest and enjoyment.

Rest happens daily. In the first chapters of Genesis, God and Adam and Eve walked together in the evening breezes (Genesis 3:8). I imagine them enjoying that beautiful time of day, talking, laughing maybe, soaking up the goodness of the world and their work. Then Adam and Eve slept and woke to face the day’s work afresh.

Rest happens weekly. God lays out a whole day to cease work and savor beauty. A day to let your soul catch up with your body. A day to let your hands stop and your heart open to the goodness around you: it’s called the Sabbath.

If you are stressed out, deepen your rest. Return to the rhythm God designed you for. When your work is done today (and I know, you won’t be done), thank God for what you have accomplished. Shut the computer, turn off the email, and head into the evening breezes. Every day.

This weekend, when Sunday comes, treat it as the gift from God it is. Go to worship, sing, pray, learn. Have a meal with people you love. Watch a move, take a hike, play a card game, fish, swim, take a nap, read. Let your soul catch up with your body. Embrace the rest God holds out to you.

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