This Monday our Office Receptionist brought us donuts! What a treat! I was the first in the office, so I had the “pick of the litter.” Frosted strawberry icing with sprinkles, powdered sugar, chocolate glazed with pecans? I eventually settled on cinnamon and sugar, taking it back to my desk as I began my day. The donut had a soft, rich inside and sugary outside with a tiny crackle where the dough hit the fryer. Each bite was heaven.

It reminded me of this scripture: Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

What an interesting invitation- to “taste” God. An invitation Jesus repeats in the New Testament when he says we taste God’s love and sacrifice in the bread and juice/wine of communion. At our communion table, we taste the flavor, the depth, the richness of God.

How else do we taste God? Maybe it’s in the laughter and delight of your children or grandchildren, their kindness and generosity. Maybe you have a taste of God’s provision when you find new buds on your orange tree, or little fresh leaves on plants. Maybe you get a taste of God’s creative power in the natural world- a fresh costal breeze, a glorious sunset, the starry night sky, an autumn tree in all its glory.

Keep your taste buds open this week. God is laying out a feast of his goodness for us in this world. Each bite is a little bit of heaven.

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