For many, the most terrifying sentence in church is:
“Who would like to lead us in prayer?”
I never seen heads drop so quickly. That one sentence can paralyze an entire room of grown adults or cause them to be inordinately interested the floor.

The people in Jesus day had that same struggle. They were faithful. They thought they knew what worship and prayer looked like. Then they met Jesus. Whatever he had, they wanted it. His life was extraordinary and, through prayer, he changed the lives of others. For Jesus, prayer wasn’t an obligation, but a longing. Jesus’ time in prayer infused him with power and direction. When Jesus prayed, his prayers helped others in powerful ways.

“Would you teach us how to pray,” the people asked Jesus.

Jesus agreed. And he taught them a masterclass in just a few minutes. Jesus says prayer is like knocking on a door late at night, looking for bread. Prayer is like a child asking for lunch. Jesus tells them prayer is asking, looking, calling, knocking. And knowing you’ll receive an answer. The most certain thing about what Jesus says concerning prayer is that it works. When you pray, you will not be disappointed. Just don’t give up. Shameless persistence, Jesus calls it.

Why not start with this: tomorrow, set your alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier. When you wake up, smile, and speak to God. Listen to the reply. Read a devotional or your Bible. Let every day begin with connection to God. Try this for a week, or month, and notice the changes. Prayer filled and guided Jesus, his prayers heal others. He says we can pray, too. So let’s get started!

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