Asher was about 2 weeks old and riding in his little baby car seat when I heard Leah lean over and tell him, quite seriously, “Asher, you are way too dependent on Mom and Dad. You need to get stronger and do more stuff.”

We still laugh when we think of that “big sister” moment. In the intervening years, Asher has taken Leah’s advice to heart and learned a lot of stuff. But he still needs us. And is there honestly ever a time when we don’t need other people? God created us for relationship, for community.

So why is it that the very connections we love and crave are sometimes our greatest sources of pain? Relationships are hard! And life is composed of so many relationships- coworkers, bosses, kids, parents, spouses, siblings, mothers-in-law!

God created us for relationship and wants to help us thrive in that space. Leah’s advice to baby Asher is actually pretty good, if not a little premature. Don’t we all still need to “get stronger and do more stuff?” Yes, we grow through reading our bibles and praying, but we also grow together, as we worship, give, serve, and study God’s word with other believers. Just like God puts us in families so we can grow and learn, so God gives us church homes to help our faith grow. Have you found yours?

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