Finding God: Discovering the Divine in the Gritty and Unexpected

Is Walmart a good place to meet God? What about a dive bar? The town dump? Does meeting God happen only in separate, “holy” places? The book of Acts says there is no place on earth without a witness to God’s love (Acts 14:16–17). God longs to meet us throughout our lives: at the bus stop, at a costume shop, even at a livestock auction. It’s time for expanded spirituality — one that is brave and fresh and all-encompassing.

In her debut book, Pastor Laura Heikes will help you find God in the gritty, mundane, and unexpected.

About the Author

Laura Heikes is a United Methodist pastor who has served English- and Spanish-speaking churches. She’s currently the lead pastor at McAllen First United Methodist Church along the Texas/Mexico border.


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“Laura Heikes has a gift for seeing God in the ordinary and in seemingly not religious moments of life. Read her book, and learn from her. Her stories are examples of how those least likely to be in church will experience God every day. Find ways for the marginal people in your church and community to reflect on her stories and tell their own stories. You will be surprised at what you hear.”

Lovett H. Weems Jr., Wesley Theological Seminary, emeritus

“Laura Heikes is one of the best communicators I’ve ever met. She shows the gospel’s wisdom, pertinence, and its deep joy. I envy those congregations that have gotten to sit at her feet. With this first book we all get to. Read, devour, dog-ear, underline, and pass it on.”

Jason Byassee, senior pastor, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

“In a world of online worship and spotty attendance, more of us want to connect with God outside the walls of the church. In Finding God, Heikes gives us both inspiration and instruction for that pursuit. Through powerful stories and practical exercises, she helps us to see God at work all around us. If you’re looking for a new way to connect with God or rekindle your faith, this book is a must read.”

Matt Miofsky, lead pastor, The Gathering

“If you are among those searching for hope and meaning in a season of disruption and anxiety, Laura Heikes invites you to join her in Finding God. Laura brings a seeker’s eye and a pastor’s heart in telling rich stories where she has found God–often in the most unlikely places. This is a book that is both wise and hopeful.”

Janice Huie, retired United Methodist bishop

“Heikes mingles humor with sharp poignancy as she recounts stories of discovering God in everyday places. Her writing makes me smile, and then makes think, and ultimately opens my eyes to God’s continuing grace in unexpected places. Treat yourself to this book.”

Robert Schnase, United Methodist bishop

Foreward by Darrell L. Whiteman

Darrell L. Whiteman is Professor of Cultural Anthropology in the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Editor of the journal ‘Missiology’. He received his B.A. from Seattle Pacific University and his Ph.D. in anthropology from Southern Illinois University. He has research and mission experience in Central Africa, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. His research and writing focus on missionaries as agents of culture change, Third World development, and indigenous Christianity. He actively works with different organizations and denominations in training people for cross cultural ministry. He lives with his wife Laurie, and children Geoffrey and Julia in Wilmore, Kentucky.

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