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Videos from Pastor Laura


December 4, 2023|

Zaccheaus changes first, not in words or vows, but with his actions. Notice your actions today.


November 27, 2023|

Find some time to go to a cemetery and walk among the tombstones. Ponder the lives these folks lived.


November 20, 2023|

I love birds. I carry binoculars in my car, just in case I see something amazing and want to get a better look.

Like Honey

November 13, 2023|

A year ago, my (47 year old) husband had to have his hip replaced.

The Door Remains Unlocked

November 6, 2023|

A clever bumper sticker plays off our Texas twang: “Y’all means all” What a great reminder. And so biblical.


October 30, 2023|

Do you have more of a scarcity, sufficiency, or abundance mentality? Do you find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop? God encourages us to trust not just his provision, but his abundant provision.


Take to Heart

December 13, 2023|

What do you take to heart? What words, memories, emotions do you pull close and invite into that sacred, tender, heart-space?


November 29, 2023|

This Monday our Office Receptionist brought us donuts! What a treat! I was the first in the office, so I had the “pick of the litter.”

Trees (Psalm 1)

November 15, 2023|

I’m an itinerate pastor, which is to say, my family and I move when the Bishop asks us to go to a new church.


November 1, 2023|

When Simon the fisherman became a disciple of Jesus, he got a new name: Petros, which in Greek is “Rock.”


October 18, 2023|

A while back, stuck in rush hour traffic, my teenage daughter, Anna, decided to play me a video from the internet.


October 4, 2023|

The winter has been redeemed for me. For years, winter was a season I hated.

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